Bokn helsestasjon

Dear parents!

We want to welcome you to Bokn «helsestasjon»!

The helsestasjon is a free health clinic for all children in Norway. Our goal is to promote good health for all children.

We offer:

  • Early home visits after birth.
  • Questions and guidance about Breast feeding/Nursing/Bottle feeding.
  • All questions or concerns about feeding your baby can be answered at the helsestasjon.
  • Weight/length control.
  • Vaccinations.
  • Check of hearing/seeing/vocabular
  • Consultations and check ups: (samtale/veiledning)

At the helsestasjon you will meet with the helsesøster (well child nurse) and lege (doctor). There is a standard program for consultations which you will be informed of when you meet the helsesøster first time. The program is flexible and if you have questions or worries you are always encouraged to contact the helsestasjon when ever it is open.

Helsesøster can give advice about children and their development, sleeping patterns, homesituation, psycic health and other issues concerning children.


The helsestasjon is considered to be a well child clinic.

 With illness the mothers "fastlege" (primary doctor) is automatically her childs "fastlege" and is the one that should be contacted. In acute situations outside of the doctors opening hours the community "legevakten" (accident & emergency)should be contacted.

You’ll find Bokn helsestasjon on Boknatun, next door to Bokn legekontor.

Opening hours: Every day 8.30-15.00.

Phone: 52 75 25 43/ Mobile: 93 85 14 09.

Helsesøster Henriette Lindanger.