About Bokn

 Bokn is a municipality in the Rogaland county. Bokn was separated from Skudenes in 1849. Bokn is one of the smaller municipalities of Rogaland, consisting of 3 islands: Ognøy, Austre (eastern) Bokn, and Vestre (western) Bokn.

The three islands are now linked via bridges to Tysvær on the mainland, and the main coastal highway between Stavanger and Bergen now passes over Bokn, connecting southwards by ferries, to Rennesøy. There are plans in progress to build an undersea tunnel directly to the mainland north of Stavanger.

Apart from two factories producing various tanks made of glassfiber-reinforced plastic (Bokn Plast / HighComp), there is also fish farming on Bokn. People have traditionally lived off fishing and farming, but more recently, some work has been in the North Sea petroleum industry.

Geographically, the islands are rugged with lots of small hills with small lakes in the valleys. The hills are largely covered with heather, but bushes and trees are increasingly competing, especially birch. The highest point is the 294 meter high Boknafjellet, a small mountain on the island of Vestre Bokn.

Føresvik is the administrative centre of  Bokn municipality. The population in Føresvik is about 200. Føresvik is connected to Stavanger and Bergen by catamaran and bus services. The road connection to Stavanger is interrupted by one ferry from Arsvågen to Mortavika.