Welcome to Bokn Kommune!

As a new resident of Bokn kommune you will probably be looking for a lot of information about municipality.

While we are trying to translate as much as possible about the kommune into english (and hopefully other languages soon), you can also contact the kommune service centre (Servicetorget in Norwegian) on +47-52 75 25 00 or email . They are a "one stop shop" for just about any information you could require. Translation services are available if you organise these in advance. 

The service centre is based in Foresvik (up the hill from the shop).  The sevice centre is across the road from the library, the school and the kindergarten. The doctors offices, dentist and community health worker are based in the same buiding.  NAV (employment and social services) and a small Sparebank (restricted services and times) also operate from this building.



You can dial these numbers free from any phone in Norway.  They are for emergencies only:

110  Fire         112  Police     113  Ambulance

120  Emergency on open sea

1412 TDD (textphone for the deaf or hearing impaired)


Moving and Changing Address

Formalities related to moving to Norway are handled by  skatterkontor (in norwegian) or limited amounts of information in english.

You can find information here regarding:

  • Tax deduction cards and tax returns
  • Value added tax (Mvh) and other import taxes (toll)
  • Employers contributions (social security)

If you need a visa to move here, you will need to contact UDI.  Please note:  Norway is not part of the European Union and has different regualtions about moving here.



(Department of Education has more information here in English)

Child Care or Kindergarten (Barnehage)

There is one kindergarten in Bokn.  This is the Bokn Barnehage.  This takes children from 1 year until they begin school at age 5-6.  The opening hours are between 07:00 and 16:30, Monday to Friday.  More information (in norwegian) is here or you can contact the manager via email or phone: 52  75  25  75 or mobile: 92 43 22 06.

Places are usually available in January or August for Bokn residents.  If you are arriving outside of this intake period, please contact the kindergarten.  In some cases is possible for your child to attend the kindergarten, even if you are not resident here, but you will need to discuss this directly with the kindergarten as you are not entitled to this under law.


There is one school on Bokn, Bokn Skule.  If you are a resident in Bokn kommune, your child has the right to attend school in the kommune.  There is a bus service, although some distance restrictions apply.

Norwegian schools start during the CALENDAR year the child turns 6.  School year begins in August (exact dates of holidays are here).  The school takes children from age 5-6 to 15-16.   After this they attend a college.  More information on the school can be found here (in norwegian).  You can contact the principal (rektor) via email or phone:  5275 2551. 

After School Care

Bokn Skule offers after school care (SFO) for children in 1st to 4th year.  This is situated on the school grounds.  A number of activities are organised from crafts to outdoor activities.  This starts directly after school and closes at 16:30.  Places are based on availability and need to be arranged and paid for separately.  You can find an application form here.  After School Care also operates during the holidays, although it closes for 4 weeks in July and over Christmas.


Health services in Bokn kommune are centered around the kommune centre.  There is a doctor - "lege"in norwegian (information in english with this link ), dentist (once per week), a physiotherapist,  a community nurse, midwife and psychiatric nursing services.  There is also an old age home. 


113 for medical EMERGENCIES

The "on call" doctor's telephone number 52 74 85 22 for Bokn is open 24 hours a day. Dr Schille is on duty between 8 a.m. and 3.30 p.m. After 3.30 p.m. their is a shared on call service with other kommune.  Call 52 74 85 22 and treatment will be given at Aksdal medical emergency (same building as Aksdal medical centre) in Tysvær municipality. In case of life threatening conditions, a doctor and/or an ambulance will come to assistance.

More information on the medical services can be found in norwegian here or you can contact the Health Manager by email .

Norwegian Language Training

Currently, there are free norwegian courses for everyone who lives on Bokn.  This is managed by the school and information can be obtained from the school principal (rektor) via email or phone:  5275 2551.  There are day and evening courses.

Building and Renovating  

If you are planning to build or renovate a house, you are required to seek approval from Bokn Kommune BEFORE you begin.  There are many rules that govern this area and it is not legal to extend or build garages etc without permission.  Please can you contact the Service Centre on +47-52 75 25 00 or email before you start to even plan!

Rubbish Collection and Recycling

General rubbish and compostable waste  is collected every two weeks from private homes and businesses in the kommune.  Recycling is required for compostable waste, paper and plastic.  Paper and plastic are collected every four weeks.  Different bins and bags are provided.  Please can you contact the Service Centre on +47-52 75 25 00 or email for more information.

Culture, Sports and Recreation

Bokn kommune offers a variety of clubs, sports groups and interest groups.  They are a good way to get to know others in the kommune.  More information on these can be found here for clubs and here for sports.  There is also a cinema which is open every second Friday (information here), a library and church.

Social Services

Social services in Bokn include counselling, qualified economic assistance, addiction care, residential loans and job training.  This is available through NAV which is based in the kommune centre.

Crisis Services

Crisis Services in Bokn are run in conjunction with other kommune.  They are set up to help if you or a loved one suffers physical, emotional or sexual harm.

The Crisis Centre for Women is based in Haugesund.  Their website is here (in norwegian) and the phone number is 52 72 98 84.  Email is maylise@haugesundkrisesenter.no  No address is listed on the website as they are able to put you in protected housing should you require this.  They have english speakers available and can organise support in other languages.

SMSO Rogaland is the provincial centre to assist/council men, women and children who have suffered from incest.  Their website is here (in norwegian).  They are based in Sadnes (other side of Stavanger) Contact details are telephone: 51 97 19 00 Mobile: 980 77 080 EMail:post@smso-rogaland.no . Again, they will have english speakers and can arrange translation.

Child Protective Services or Barnevern as they are called in Norway are there to protect children.  They have a direct emergency phone which is 116 111 (free calls). They also offer additional help which goes far beyond what is normal for child protection services in other countries.  They can help you with any discipline or other problems you have with your children.  Tysvær kommune is responsible for barnevern in Bokn and report directly to the Helsesjefen.  Their contact details are:  Postboks 93, 5575, Aksdal. Telephone : 52 75 70 00.  They are based at the Tysvær Rådhus, Aksdal (next to the Aksdal shopping centre).  They also have several online forms (skjema).

Barnevern offer additional help which goes far beyond what is normal for child protection services in other countries.  They can help you with any discipline or other problems you have with your children. More information is available here in english, polish, farsi, thai and arabic. Please note: it is illegal to slap or hit a child in Norway. 

Further Information

More general and tourist information can be found in english here

Information about Norwegian government services can be found here

General information regarding norwegian society and rules can be found here

Any information regarding laws and government matters can be found here (english and norwegian)